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Virility Patch RX® - Penis Enhancement Patch.

Finally… a simple and effective approach to male enhancement! The Virility Patch RX™ gets you bigger, more powerful erections on demand that last longer. Forget about the unwanted hassle of penis devices, exercises, or pills because the new Virility Patch RX™ transdermal technology quantum leaps everything else!

Since the Virility Patch RX™ uses the transdermal method of delivery - the breakthrough ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, thus bypassing the stomach and liver. This direct feed gets a more concentrated supply to the penile tissues. Modern science will always find a better way! And this is it!

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Male enhancement supplements are great for men who want to improve their sexual performance safely with natural aphrodisiacs. Their ingredients have proven their merit, and they've helped millions of customers all over the world reach their potential.

If you want the strongest, thickest erections, the most intense pleasure and unfathomable orgasms, then Virility Patch RX will do all this for you, we guarantee it. But so can a lot of other products, many quality supplements. So many work in the same manner - combining aphrodisiacs that maximize blood flow to the penis. What sets Virility Patch RX apart is that it works better, faster. And it's all thanks to transdermal technology.

We've all seen "the patch" that's commonly worn by those who are trying to quit smoking. But nicotine supplements/non-smoking aids aren't the only ones who are using this delivery system, called transdermal technology. More and more supplement professionals see the merit in a method, and it may one day surpass the traditional capsules we're all used to taking for a variety of ailments or for supplementary nutrients. Once you hear of its many benefits you'll know why.

No more forgetting dosages, and no more side effects including nausea. With transdermal technology, you only have to apply a new patch every 72 hours. Slap it on to a clean, dry hairless section of skin (such as the abdomen, lower back, inner forearm, it's up to you) and forget about it. The patch releases a steady stream of ingredients through skin directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, eliminating the chances of upset stomach that some experience.

And because it bypasses the digestive system it works faster than ever. A capsule's ingredients, by the time it works through the body, has only 10% absorptioin rate. Compare that to a patch, which retains 95% absorption rate. You get the full strength of Virility Patch RX's potent ingredients that include Damiana, effective in restoring virility and libido, and vigor-instilling American and Siberian Ginseng.

It's more discreet than you think - apply it to a part of your body covered by clothing. If anyone does see it they'll simply think you're quitting smoking.

Enjoy the benefits of a male enhancement supplement with none of the downsides. And we make Virility Patch RX even harder to resist, with our guarantee that promises your satisfaction. It's as easy as ordering today and if you're unhappy with the product after two months simply return it within 67 days for your money back. That's it. No catches, just results your happy with or a full refund.


Our proprietary formula is a composition of natural aphrodisiacs that we've gathered from all over the world. Our ingredients deliver firmer, thicker erections while increasing libido. Virility Patch RX is the ultimate sexual aid.

It's not just our ingredients that make a big difference - it's how they're administered. Transdermal technology, or "the patch," ensures that you'll get an even dosage over the course of 72 hours, and you can just forget about it every three days after applying it to a clean, dry hairless section of your body. And because the patch ensures that the formula is released directly into your bloodstream, you'll see results much faster than if you were taking a traditional capsule supplement.

  • Ginseng - American and Siberian ginseng are popular supplements, thanks to their energy-increasing power. Greater energy brings mental alertness, vigor, and increased stamina.

  • Fo Ti - This vine has been used primarily in Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years. It is a powerful rejuvenator, which acts as an antioxidant, tonifies the kidneys, treats weak bones, and prevents graying hair. Overall it instills youthful energy and is often recommended to treat infertility.

  • Gotu Kola - This small annual plant grows is native to many parts of the world, including Sri Lanka, Iran, Northern Australia, New Guinea, and several parts of Asia. It is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat impotence; studies support its abilities to tonify the central nervous system and rejuvenate the skin.

  • Saw Palmetto- First used by the Mayans, Saw Palmetto grew in popularity throughout the 19th century and beyond thanks to its libido boosting properties. It also tones the reproductive system.

  • Damiana - The Aztecs were the first to use this leaf to boost both men and women's libido; it's still an extremely popular aphrodisiac in Mexico, and its popularity is catching on world wide. Its most commonly used to treat sexual imbalances and impotence.

  • Menthol - Used as a natural topical anisthetic to prepare the skin for transdermal delivery of the formula.


Who should use Virility Patch RX?

Any many who wants more from sex. Virility Patch RX is the answer to the questions you've asked yourself about your performance. Using top aphrodisiacs, this patch means more desire and more power to deliver. Just look at what it can do for you:

  • Sexual desire that lets her know that she's wanted

  • Iron-rod erections that are both firmer and bigger

  • Stallion-like staying power and recovery time

  • Powerful orgasms that will rock you and your partner

Why a patch?

Transdermal technology, or "the patch," is the future of supplements. You're already probably familiar with this type of delivery, as it's been used by non-smoking aids for years. Now it's become more and more common, as it's a simple way to ensure that you won't miss a dosage, and the ingredients are delivered directly to the bloodstream for faster results. Because it bypasses your digestive system it eliminates the possibility of stomach upset.

How do I use the patch?

It's so easy; just stick a patch to a clean, hairless part of your body (such as the inside forearm, abdomen, lower back, etc.) and forget about it for three days. Remove the patch every 72 hours and apply a new one to a different part of your body. You can shower, exercise, swim, or anything else with the patch on. If anyone sees the patch, they'll just assume you're trying to quit smoking; your secret's safe with us.

Are there any side effects?

The ingredients have not shown to have any serious side effects, but no product is for everyone. Like with any supplement, you should review the product's ingredients with your personal physician.

What name appears on my credit card statement?

The purchase appears on your statement as "", "Cowan's & Company Ltd", "" or "" We further protect your privacy by shipping in plain packaging that doesn't hint at the contents inside, and we will never sell your information to third parties.

>>Click here to visit official VirilityPatchRX website<<

Stronger erections, and a more satisfying sexual experience when you want it - with no side effects. And it's never been easier, thanks to Virility Patch RX. Order today because there's no risk, and a lot to gain.

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