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What Women Think About Penis Size

Does size matter? This is the most frequently thought about question in every males mind. So what do you think does size really matter to women? Well if you were to take this question directly to women most of them would tell you size does not matter but are they stating facts? Well size does matter to some and does not matter to others depending on female to female. Read on to find out what women really think and does size really matter to them or not.

Seventy percent of women fake it- Does this mean that size does matter and most men on this planet are small? Not exactly, it's not always about the size and how much it matters rather about how well you connect with the woman you are with. Women are more emotional than males and therefore need to connect emotionally with you in order to achieve complete satisfaction in bed therefore no size does not matter.

Women aren't visual- Another reason why size does not matter is due to the fact that women are not as visual as men. Women are more into mental movies and pictures. Women like to visualize their fantasies. Therefore no matter what your size is it basically does not matter to most women if you know how to satisfy them.

Most men are average- Most men are average in size and still manage to satisfy their partners and lead a happy life. Like the famous saying goes it does not matter what size you are but how you use it. You can be below average and still manage to satisfy your woman completely.

Emotional connection- This is the best way to find out does size matter or not. Most women are not satisfied till the time they are emotionally connect to someone. No matter how big you are down there but you would never be able to satisfy her until you satisfy her emotionally. Therefore if you were to conclude whether size matters or would most certainly come to the conclusion that the phrase "Does size matter" is an age old myth where by the fact being it does not matter at all.

How good are you in bed? - Do you have what it takes to satisfy women in bed? Do you know what every woman wants bed? Ever tried to wonder what's in a woman's mind? What is she thinking about? Do you know that women do not always mean what they say? They might say something and mean the exact opposite. But what do women actually want? Read on to find out some of the most "Shocking Secrets" regarding what women want and expect out of a man in bed.

So, does penis size matter for women?

Yes, penis size does matter, but not in the way that you may think.

After asking several hundred women over 18 years old, sizes, ethnicities, and sexual habits, 82% of these women answered that were happy with a penis that was big enough to satisfy them, which averaged at about 6 inches, that is just about the average penis size for men. Of course, there was a small percentage (9%) who wanted a penis that was larger than average (7 to 8 inches). Fewer women (2%) said that they preferred huge-sized penises (larger than 10 to 12 inches).

Penises much larger than average can cause some difficulties during sex. In fact, many women who dated men with abnormally larger penises complained that they weren't able to comfortably enjoy certain sexual positions, nor were they able to adequately give oral sex.

But... when asked whether length or girth was more important, most women opted for girth, as they claimed to enjoy the feeling of a thick penis against their vaginal walls rather than having an unusually long penis poking against their insides. The length has to be proportional to the width. And what would that be? I suppose that would be the average.

Other important things:

56% expect a penis to more or less match the complexion of the rest of a man's body.

23% expect a penis to feel very smooth.

21% weren't very happy about an abundance of veins.

So, if you're below average, you have two options:

1st : there are other ways in which to satisfy your woman, so explore your options;

2nd : you can also try some methods to enlarge your penis...

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