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Is Penis Enlargement Safe?

The legitimate penis enlargement methods are generally safe to use. Whereas your risk increases with surgery, self-treatment penis enlargement techniques are safe and offer few negative side effects. With that said, it is important to exercise extreme caution and follow the directions specifically when using self treatment penis enlargement methods.

Which methods of penis enlargement are safe?

After medical and consumer evaluation of the available penis enlargement methods, below is the list of techniques presented in descending order from safest to least.

Penis Enlargement Pills: Many physicians prefer this mode of penis enlargement Pills like Male Extra and Vimax Pills lead the list of quality penis enlargement pills, with many others following suit. Once a physician has taken into account the possibility of side effects from these pills, these are generally considered safe.

Penis Enlargement Exercises: If you are looking for a drug-free and a surgery-free penis enlargement therapy, exercises are a great way to start. There are excellent exercise programs, such as Penis Health and Vimax System, which are developed to specifically lengthen and strengthen the Corpora Cavernosa portion of the penis. In several months, your penis may potentially lengthen by one inch, with increased girth. This is one of the safest methods because aside from the increase in penis size, there are no side effects to the body.

Penis Enlargement Devices: Similar to penis enlargement exercises, this is a safe method of increasing the size of your penis without surgery or drugs. Penis enlargement devices take exercises one step further by continuously stimulating the blood vessels in your penis, even when you do not have time to exercise. Essentially, you have an ability to wear the penis enlargement devices as you go about your day, and the devices continuously elongate and strengthen your penis. SizeGenetics and ProExtender are two effective and popular devices that are to be considered extremely safe for use and recommended by health experts.

Autologous Tissue Engineering: This is one of the newest techniques used to accomplish penis enlargement, and thus far, it has proven to be effective and safe. This therapeutic approach to penis enlargement has yet withstood the test of time, but its developments are promising.

Surgical Treatment: These are considered to be techniques used by physicians and doctors as a last resort if all other techniques fail. The success rate of these surgeries is traditionally low, with substantial health risks and debilitating side effects to your body. With the exception of Autologous Tissue Engineering, surgeries generally leave scars and cause a loss of sensation in the penis.

Substance Injections: This is one of the most harmful and riskiest methods to use on your penis. In the past, many people used this method because they believed it was a quick tool for penis enlargement. In reality, using substance injections like collagen or mineral oil can permanently disfigure your penis or may even leave some scars on it.

At the end of the day, you have only one penis, and you do not want to cause any injury or permanent scarring. Penis enlargement methods are generally safe, but there are certainly caveats attached, such as choosing the right provider or company for the penis enlargement product.

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The SizeGenetics™ system from Lativio is designed to maximize your gains in the shortest possible time. It uses a unique combination of three medically backed penis enlargement methods.

The only device that receives our exclusive 5 star rating is SizeGenetics for offering a unique and effective penis enlargement system that is not available anywhere else. If you are looking for fast, comfortable size gains in length and girth then this is the device for you. The unique comfort mechanism allows you to wear the device as long as you need to to see faster gains. The precise traction control and tension tested device ensures that the correct amount of pressure is applied from day 1 for larger gains than with any other device.


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This product is a unique penis enlargement system that claims to increase the length and girth of your penis naturally. This system is pretty unique because the ProExtender system uses a combination of several different male enhancement methods into one complete package. This enlargement package includes a high quality penile extender, male enhancement pills, and a penis exercise program.

The enlargement device that comes inside of the ProExtender system was developed by a doctor from Dermark that specializes in penile lengthening. This extender was originally produced as a safe and effective alternative to penile surgery, and now it's being offered to men as a safe and effective method for penis enlargement. The Pro-Extender is also effective for straightening penile curvatures as well.


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