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Penis Enlargement Pills & Other Penis Enlargement Methods.

There are three crucial things to consider when choosing the right penis enlargement pills and methods for you.

  • Every body reacts differently and different approaches will be better suited to different lifestyles and desired results.

  • Different men desire different results: from length increase, to girth increase, to stronger orgasms to ejaculate control and correction of penis curvature. So, decide on your desired result and choose your penis enlargement methods accordingly. You may need to try out a few different products before you find the one that suits your body and your desired results best.

  • No single penis enlargement method will work as well as a combination.

We recommend combining penis enlargement pills with a regular exercise regime and use of a stretching device. By combining penis enlargement pills with other methods you’ll see the fastest growth as well as improvement of overall sexual health.

There are a few particular products we recommend on this site such as the Maxirex and Vimax penis enlargement pills and the Vimax penis extender. Our recommendation comes in light of clinical testing, surveys and research conducted both by our staff and the medical community that have repeatedly proven the worth of these products. We have found that they are safe and effective beyond the competition.

Using these penis enlargement pills and a stretching device along with a regular exercise regime will yield the best enlargement results as well as overall sexual health.

Average Penis Size Does Matter! Penis Enhancement Pill And Penis enlargement Techniques

Some subject…some say yes, some say no. The debate is ongoing. Though you’ll hear from women plenty of public declarations that size is secondary, I think the answer is clear and uncomplicated. Yes.

Some disagree, and after all, if size does matter what exactly is the average penis size?

Will taking a penis enhancement pill improve your life? This is hard to answer without considering it a personal issue. If a man whose penis is smaller than the average penis size, and who has low self esteem and depression as a result of it, takes the pill and sees a dramatic change in his size then yes, yes his life has been changed. Will a woman who can't feel her partner inside of her experience new heights of pleasure once the man she loves takes the penis enhancement pill and adds inches of length and girth? Yes.

If you're a doubter that average penis size matters you might ask yourself what brought you to this site. And what brings millions of men to penis enlargement sites like it each year? Men with below average penis size are unanimously concerned about it. Women who share their lives with partners with small penises are unanimously concerned about it. It seems in fact its only those among us who don't have to deal with consequences who believe it's a non-issue.

Let’s hear from a woman, Bethany in Vermont, who wrote in to our site with this to say:

“I thought penis size had nothing to do with sexual pleasure until I realized I’d just never actually experienced a small penis. My current partner just can’t satisfy me. Sex with him doesn’t bring me to orgasm.”

Bethany wrote to us, asking for help in finding her partner the best penis enlargement technique. We recommended a traction device in combination with a penis enhancement pill.

All too many couples have problems that threaten or destroy their relationships because the man’s below average penis size is too difficult of a subject to talk through and too much of a barrier to a pleasurable, intimate sex life. Many times women will find their confidence threatened as well as their man’s, feeling as if he’s not too small, but they’re too big. It’s an uncomfortable situation for everyone, which might be solved quite simple with a penis enhancement pill.

Consider what Jessica had to say:

“Before I met Paul I had been with my fair share of men, and he’d only ever been with one woman. This was enough of a problem for us in the bedroom with him feeling inexperienced and me feeling self conscious about my promiscuity. I feel like we could have gotten past it, except that Paul’s penis size made me feel loose, and I know it makes him feel inadequate. It just makes me feel terrible, and question my sexual choices.”

With a reliable penis enhancement pill and penis enlargement exercise program a man with a penis size of, say, 4 inches can experience growth to 6 inches. This is average penis size. In some cases growth is up to 3.5'' of new length. And don't forget girth.

While all the talk is generally centered around the average penis size length, girth can be a more relevant factor in pleasuring a woman. The best penis enhancement pill and penis extenders add inches in diameter as well as length.

How to Increase Penis Size? Bigger Penis Size Enlargement.

What exactly is normal penis size? And what, then, is small enough to justify seeking out a means to increase penis size? The question confounds men on a regular basis.

Everyone, its safe to assume, most likely in adolescence, has pulled out the tape and measured. But who are we kidding when we assume that these same men won’t add a bonus half inch to their penis size when asked about it?

It remains a mystery on many levels what true average really is. After all its not that common of a practice to go out and find an unbiased third party to measure. Nor is it all that common for men to go out and see a bunch of other men with erect penises. Well, to be fair that depends on lifestyle. But it is safe to assume that many men are left in the dark as to how their penis stacks up next to the average male.

Does that friend with the manly claims really have such a bigger penis? If so does it really matter, I mean do women really care? That’s a question for another web article. Debate rages on about the importance of size and the variety of answers from men and women is often based on personal experience or...personal anatomy, and can hardly be relied upon for an objective conclusion.

Could you imagine though the size of the penis size enlargement industry and the popularity of the topic in public discussion and popular media being such as it is if it wasn't a real issue for real people? To increase penis size is clearly a factor in many people's impression of themselves and their partner. It is also clearly a factor in sexual desire and the quality of sex.

So what is it? What’s small enough to want to increase penis size. Well studies, and I do mean full fledged medical surveys indicate that the range from 5.5 to 6 inches can safely be considered normal or average. If you are just pushing 5 inches that is a below average penis size. Any thing above six inches can be considered larger than average.

Just because your penis is average or above average; however doesn't necessarily mean you won't be interested in a bigger penis. Many men opt for penis enlargement out of a desire to straighten, beef up and increase girth, or correct an unbalance in girth to length.

Natural methods can improve the overall health of the penis. This means stiffer erections, correction of peyronies (penis curvature) stronger ejaculation, as well as of course an increase penis size. Even if you have a six inch member some men say well, hell, why not make it seven. This is quite possible with the right program.

More commonly, its those of us, and believe me, there are many men in this category, who find themselves below the average who opt for penis enhancement. There are millions of us out there who seek help of this nature. Research into enlargement methods has shown that growth of 1.8 – 2 inches in length is average where in some cases the most dedicated users found an increase of 2.5 to 3 inches.

A penis size then even of 4 inches and less can be brought up to average with the right program to increase penis size. Good news.

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Product info: SizeGenetics is a penis enlargement system that was developed to increase the length and girth of the penis naturally. This penile extender was originally developed by a team of doctors as a safe alternative to penile surgery, but now it is used as an effective method for permanent penis enlargement that is safe to use.


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